<VV> tunnel brake line, again

Marc Sheridan sheridan@bright.net
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 14:52:23 -0500

With the help of the list, I finally removed the long brake line in the
tunnel of my '66. Seems that it was ok, but too late now :o).

Now my dilemma is getting the new preformed line in. Lately my plan was to
cut the tubing in a place or two, then rejoin the pieces once I get them
into place. But that requires a double flare on the cut ends and so far my
practice flares on the old line don't look real professional, but look like
they probably would work.

My question is this, should I go ahead with my plan to cut the line or
should I remove even more stuff from the bottom of the car to get it in one
piece. Keep in mind that the car is on jack stands and I don't have a lot of
room to work with. If I do cut, what tips do I need to do to get a good
double flare?

Marc Sheridan
'66 Monza convertible 110/4