<VV> Heads 2

Larry Forman Larry@Forman.net
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 12:17:03 -0800

At 02:42 PM 1/31/2004 -0500, Tom Wright wrote:
>I am working on new 140 heads, and I have to put in new studs. I can go to the
>local hardware store and get threaded rod, but should I be looking for a
>coated metal, or a stainless? Even a coated will rust where I cut it, but I
>can paint the exposed areas. Should the studs be set in loctite?
>Tom Wright

I would not recommend replacing the stock studs with threaded rod.  You 
will notice the threads are different and will not mate with the stock head 
nuts or rocker studs.  You can replace the stock studs provided they have 
sufficient installation torque, which is at least 10 ft-lbs and I forget 
the maximum.  It is all explained in the CORSA Tech Guide along with 
cautions.  You can use oversize stock head studs if they are too loose.  I 
personally like to use TimeSerts and chase the threads of the studs where 
they mate into the block.  The studs are hardened and it is rough on the 
thread cutting dies.  Do not try to use a TimeSert without chasing the 
threads to remove the interference thread forming.  I also use Loctite 290 
to lock the studs into the inserts.  You could do that with stock or 
oversize studs.  Many people use two mating Helicoils successfully with 
thread sealer or Loctite to prevent the oil from weeping through the threads.
-- Larry