<VV> Exhaust Manirold studs

Russ Moorhouse corvair65@verizon.net
Sun, 2 May 2004 22:02:31 -0400

I need suggestions on how to successfully remove the studs from the exhaust
manifolds.  I've tried heating the manifold at the stud base area with a
propane torch and twisting the out, but it only broke the stud.  Before that
I soaked them good for a couple of days with PBlaster, but that didn't work
and was the reason for trying heat.

After the stud broke off, I drilled it and borrowed an easy out from my
neighbor, which promptly broke off.  Funny thing was, it was easier to drill
out the easy out than the stud.

Russ Moorhouse
'65 Corsa coupe 140 HP
Group Corvair Member
Kent Island, MD