<VV> Re: 1966 Sports Sedan

Louis C. Armer, Jr. carmerjr@mindspring.com
Mon, 03 May 2004 21:07:26 -0400

My buddy Tony Kruzich has a sweet Sport sedan 110 4 speed with air
(not currently working) and Tony has gone thru the engine. The car has
about 10,000 miles since Tony did the mechanicals.Tony is the
restorer of "Maderia" and has been my main engine mechanic for "Street
Express" and of course "Darth Vair". He wants $2000 and it's a very good
price. Tony can be reached by e-mail at: ABKRU@aol.com or by phone
at 770-957-7441.

Chuck Armer

Corvair Atlanta, BOD
CORSA Tri-Membership Chairman