<VV> Back from getting new Vair (long)

SPYDER62@aol.com SPYDER62@aol.com
Tue, 4 May 2004 01:37:33 EDT

 Hi all
  Got back in town late last night with the new NORTHWEST ULTRA CORSA.
Flew down to Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon where Mark from Southwest 
Corvairs met us at the airport. Then a short drive to his place to check the car out 
and get the paper work done. All I did was check the oil and swap the stock 
distributor for a Dale unit I had with me. We set timing by ear and off we went. 
200 miles south east we got to Ft. Huachuca for my son graduation from AIT 
(He's now a Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator)
 He just got his new orders today for Airbone training then on to the 5th 
Special Forces Airbone at Ft. Campbell. Well, back to the trip. After graduation 
we stayed around for a few hours then off we went to an Aunt's in Yuma (70mph 
against a 40-50 mph head wind the whole way) got 15 mpg and used one Qt of 
oil. Next morning we left for up near the bay area to see more family fought the 
same head and then cross winds until the Grape Vine pass.
>From there we left heading north on I-5 to Redding then west on 299 (great 
sports car road third gear and on boast up the pass) got best gas mileage on 
that tank (20 mpg) but used a qt. of oil in 150 miles. Then we drove up the coast 
to Reedsport Or. then headed back over to I-5 and home.
  Have to give Mark a big thanks, the car is all he said and I never even 
touched it other then adding gas and 3 gt's of oil in around 2000 miles. And did 
find part of the oil problem, a bad gasket on the filler cap.
  Had nothing but good comments on the car during the trip and gas was from a 
low of 2.19 to a high of 2.54 in the  middle of nowhere on I-5. Even on the 
north California coast it was under 2.35 if you looked.Remember this is for 
super not regular.

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