<VV> Basic clutch questions

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Thu, 06 May 2004 10:42:12 -0700

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slmizel@juno.com wrote:

>1.  Throw-out bearing.  I was told that my throw out bearing was bad and would need to be replaced.  Symptoms: when the clutch is depressed no weird noises, but when I let the clutch out it rattles at idle and at low rpm's.  Clutch engages about halfway through the pedal stroke and works fine (no chatter, etc.).  At high running speed (well, I guess any running speed) I often get a loud "chirping" noise coming from the rear (I thought it was an obnoxious bird the first time I heard it).  Questions: Do you agree with the diagnosis of the throw out bearing?  Do you recommend putting in a new clutch/pressure plate at the same time?  Do you think the chirping is also related to the bearing or should I suspect wheel bearings or some other such thing. The rattle is common bad flywheel rivits. The chirp is a little harder to identify without hearing it. Possibly a blown head gasket?
>2.  Mastercylinder bad...when at a stop light braking is good but the pedal slowly sinks to the floor...when reapplied good pressure.  I can either rebuild or purchase a dual master from one of the Vendors.  Is the dual worth the upgrade?  Will it make for increased/more reliable stopping power? Yup it's bad - But replacement with a stock one is adequate. The dual conversion kits give an extra measure of security but don't really alter the system's operational carachteristics.
>3.  Timing...I gave the car a tune up with Clark parts...set timing, car died.  Reset timing by ear...my timing light says I am running around 50 degrees advanced!  It runs well...is that possible?  (Remember I am a rookie and may be making a dumb mistake...though I do have the timing light hooked up to the #1 spark plug wire). If it has a harmonic balancer the outer ring has slipped - time for a new Dale unit.