<VV> Engine Knock only at low RPMS

Brian Goldin bgoldin@esri.com
Thu, 6 May 2004 13:08:10 -0700

Again I appreciate everyone's help.

Last night I did another visual inspection of the crank case and didn't
notice anything cracked or unusual with the crank. I also rocked the crank
back and fourth carefully and I didn't feel anything but a nice smooth

When I took the drive train out, last week, I replaced the torque converter,
diff and transmission.  The flex plate seemed in good shape but I didn't
re-torque the bolts or anything.  Last night I also checked out the old
torque converter and I didn't see any signs of abrasion.

Bob Slusher made a good recommendation to check the lower bolts holding the
bell housing to the engine to see if they have washers (i.e. sticking out
where they might hit the flex plate).  When I take it out on Saturday (I'm
sure I'll have to) I'll be sure to check this out.

I'll also carefully inspect the pulley but based on where the sound is
coming from, and the behavior, my gut feeling says that this isn't it.

Steve Goodman has had a similar problem and suggests the cam gear
(http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/fastvair/message/32441). Before I take
the engine out I'll definitely drop the oil pan to check the gear out. 

As evident through the posts many are putting their money on a broken crank
or bearing problem.  This does make sense but it still bothers me that it
doesn't always make this sound; being that it is only at low rpm and only
when a cylinder has compression (spark plug installed).

I'll dig into it on Saturday, and definitely post the final diagnosis.

If anyone wants to have a couple beers and wrench on it with me, I'm in


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Remember in Brian's original description of the problem that he had 
replaced the torque converter.
He also told me that the noise seemed to be coming from the bell housing 
I suggested to him that the flex-plate to TC bolts might not be tight. 
Haven't heard back
from him on that idea.  Mike Kost's suggestion to check the bolts to the 
crankshaft applies
to flex-plates as well as flywheels though.

Wade Halsey
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