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You probably need to replace the two rubber hoses in the gas line anyway, so
why not just drain the tank from the bottom?

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Later, JR
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> Hi People, was anyone watching Miami CSI tonight? About halfway through
> show, I would swear I saw a LM, in a tent with a T-bird in the
> It was only on for about 3 to 4 seconds, and I was doing computer, so no
> glasses, but it sure did look like a LM. Only one rearend like that. I
> been working on Conan a bit this week. Little things, oiling the door
> and handles, and they work like new again. Sounds good and solid when you
> and close the doors. Did have to move vairs again. The Lakewood was all
> to go group red and redo the brakes, but Mom wants to have a garage sale
> and was tired of it sitting in the carport, SO, I moved Conan up 4 feet,
> pushed the Lakewood over and up behind him so we have room to do a sale,
> IT WILL BE SOON. Half the Lakewood is sitting out in the weather now, will
> cover it with heavy plastic as needed, but it won't be there long! I found
> this week, I MUST do something every week on these Vairs, I feel better
when I
> do something, no matter how small. Almost have all the old, bad gas out of
> Conan. Tomorrow is going to be jack up the pass side, and siphon out some
> bad gas, have gotten over 3 gals. so far. Great for killing weeds. After
> it's under and pull things out, and see what I have. I think the tank is
> and solid, just have to get the old gas out and check the tank, and lines.
> Sorry it's so long, but I'm starting to get excited again. YEEEHAAWW!
> ON THE ROAD SOON, I hope. Thanks BRUCE
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