<VV> Wiring Diagrams Confusion

Ken lcm8044@yahoo.com
Sun, 9 May 2004 06:35:45 -0700 (PDT)

Mats idea is a really good one. As the eyes got older I wanted an easier to read solution. I copied the pages of a wiring diagram for an Impala, enlarging to the maximum of my copier, then taped it together and pined it to the wall. My wife took the copy to a poster shop to get a BIG copy, and now the thing is nearly as long as the car. It is now on the wall next to the Impala, and I get as many complements on the poster as the car. 

Ken Morgan
Olympia, Wa.
66 Corsa 140 / 4
62 Impala SS 327 P/G
Subject: Re: <VV> Wiring Diagrams Confusion
To: virtualvairs@corvair.org

the.tysons@comcast.net writes:
Can anyone offer some suggestions on interpreting the wiring diagrams 
in the
'65 Shop Manual?  I've never had much success in translating from one 
page to
next.  Currently, I'm trying to run a tach wire from the engine 
compartment to
the dash.  The car is a Monza with a '65 Corsa dash installed.  I'd 
like to
use the orginal wiring harness connector at the dash.

Scan them...print out on sheets...cut / trim / paste together....makes 
for a 
good  understandable print!


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