<VV> Cat Stew

Geoffrey Albert Clarke Johnson geoffj@unm.edu
Sun, 9 May 2004 13:37:43 -0600 (MDT)

	I asked about speakers for my 63 a while back.  I think I wrote 
everyone who responded but if I missed anyone thanks.  I got a set of 
Eclipse 4X10 speakers and installed them in the back.  I am really happy 
with the sound quality.  Much better then the ones I had in there.  Plus 
they look stock with exception of there being two instead of one.  It 
turned out to be that the speakers were ok, but rather a neighborhood 
tomcat had gotten in the car one night when I left one of the windows down 
accidentally and "sprayed" the back of the radio.  Quite a disgusting 
mess, and it did not do good for the circuit board!  Cleaned it completely 
and it works again.   No more leaving the car windows down!
	In other Corvair fun around here I have our friends "64" Lakewood 
back for a while to fix the slamming powerglide.  

-Geoff Johnson