<VV> Trailering my Corsa

Pitts10ch@aol.com Pitts10ch@aol.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 22:30:42 EDT

Thanks guys for all the input reference my Corsa trailering issues.  I did a 
trial loading yesterday and for all of those who also may be interested in 
this topic.  A late model Vair loads very well on to UHAUL'S Car Carrier right up 
to the cast in chocks.  They have a very nice design.  With the wheels all 
the way forward, nothing rubbed (exhaust etc.).  Loaded engine first, the tongue 
dropped 1 1/2 " when hooked to my 2500HD.  All should be good.  Reference the 
day rate trick, some dealers are savy to this and other's are not.  One ways 
cost about twice as much as equal day rates.  


Chris Hand