<VV> Did it go from bad to worse?

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broken piston ring.
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> OK all you experts, here is where I am:
> I have gone through all the basics.  Moving my car from Iowa to my new
> in Texas.  The car developed a miss about 700 miles out in Kansas, not
after a
> fueling, while running,  (69 Monza Convertible, 110hp, 4-speed, just under
> 50,000 miles).  They drive it another 100 miles or so and park for the
night.  I
> get a trailer and go up and get it, don't notice any smoke or miss when I
> start it up, but notice a bit of an off miss when I idle it after I drive
> around the block to the garage.  Run a compression check, 150-160 in five
> cylinders, #4 is at 60lbs.
> Tonight, after borrowing an air compressor, I put a fitting in #4 and hook
> up to the tank.  Air comes RUSHING out of the carburator.  I thought that
> cylinder was at TDC, but when I wiggled the rockers, one was a little
> than the other.  SO, I proceeded to loosen both of the rocker arm nuts, so
> that both springs had no pressure on them and should be at the top, with
> closed.  (right?)
> I put it back on the compressor tank, heard no air from the exhaust
> no air from the carburator now, but when I take off the oil filler cap, I
> air coming from that.
> SO, what does that mean.  I assume from previous posts that air from the
> carburator is a dropped valve seat, and that air from the exhaust is a
> valve.  Is that right?  So, air from the oil filler means what?  Hole in
piston or
> broken piston rings?  Could it be anything else?  Head gasket?
> What say you experts?  Am I really up the creek now?
> I guess it is time to take the head off now.....
> Todd Miller
> Dallas
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