<VV> Solved - Engine Knock only at low RPMS

Brian Goldin bgoldin@esri.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 17:24:11 -0700

My engine knock problem turned out to be an easy fix.  Drum roll please..
loose flex plate bolts.  

I pulled the drivetrain and disassembled the diff/trans from the engine.  I
immediately gave the flex plate a thorough inspection and decided to check
the torque.  I set the wrench for 40lbs and went to crank them down.  To my
surprise all six bolts were all pretty loose.  I decided to back them all
out to inspect the flex plate.  All of the holes had some shiny metal on
leading edges.  Ah ha the sound was occurring when the engine would kick the
torque converter (flywheel) around at very low rpms.

I put the plate back on, cranked the bolts down, put the engine back
together and wala I'm back on the road again.

It's been a long time (>1 year) since I messed around with the bell housing
seal and thus flex plate. I guess I'll chalk this one up as a stupid
gearhead story.

At any rate, I really appreciate everyone's thoughts.  Probably sounds funny
but I was starting to look forward to taking her apart to find some unusual
problem like a cracked crank.