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One of the guys in the office has a 41 chevy with the enclosed
driveline...he was driving along and he heard a clunk and the car
stopped...we can't find anyone old enough to know but young enough to still
remember the inner workings of one of these...he says it is working to the
pumpkin but it isn't getting to the wheels.  Can anyone help...off line of
course!!  Thanks!!

  Del Patten...CNM

the diff of a torque tube drive is the same as a hotchkiss (open) drive.

Take the cover off the diff and see what broke.

There is only one u joint in this system. at the tranny end inside the 
"torque ball"

If the shaft is turning into the diff the problem is there...  If not look 

It's actually quite simple.

How do I know this...  I owned a 54 Chevy pickup from 1973 until 2001.

Last year for chevy to use enclosed drives

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