<VV> Unsolicited endorsement YOU DO NOT have to race

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh@hotmail.com
Thu, 13 May 2004 00:28:51 +0000

Just my $.02.  Listen up you non-racers!  I'm here to tell you you can have 
an absolute BLAST at the NECC events even if you just have a plain stock 
car, and can't drive very well either.  I wish I could attend every one of 
the NECC events, but unfortunately schedule conflicts and cash shortage 
forces me to restrain myself somewhat.  I have taken advantage of several 
however, and invariably have more fun than I can describe.  My "race car" is 
a BONE STOCK 1962 Monza, 102 HP with POWERGLIDE.  80-series street tires 
(whitewall no less).  Swing-axles with no anti-roll bar or cross-spring - 
yesiree, the very recipe Ralph said would lead to certain doom!  I'm 
definitely not the fastest car on the track, but I know I have the most fun! 
  Most of the time I even win my class because I'm the only one in the slow 
old guys class!
I believe that driving on the track in time trials is safer than the drive 
TO the track on our public highways.  The track is well-maintained, activity 
is controlled, safety equipment and personnel is right there in case 
anything did happen, and people are well-behaved.  No deer running out in 
the middle of the night; no folks running stop signs; no one attempting to 
rear-end me as they talk on the cell phone; get to look at the road rather 
than behind bushes for the local gendarmes, etc.,etc.  The people are great, 
everyone tries to help each other, and the real racers welcome us novices.  
Just like one big happy family!  And it gives you an opportunity to explore 
the limits of your car and skills in a safe, controlled environment, with 
lots of runoff space in case you take it off road.  Much better than 
learning the limits of adhesion as you try to avoid a lunatic on the public 

If you haven't tried it yet, do it now!

PS, my wife can tell you my answer when she asks what I want for my 
birthday/Christmas etc.... a day at the next NECC event!

-- Doug Mackintosh
   Corsa member since 1996
   Corsa/NC member since 1996,  Virtual Vairs member
   Corvair owner 1969-1971 and 1996-on

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From: Levair@aol.com [mailto:Levair@aol.com]

...SNIP... I think that we ought to applaud NECC for the extra
moving events related to Corvairs. ....This year we even have a drag race
before the convention....SNIP...
...Get those cars ready and enter while there are still events to enter and
you/me are still young enough to do it.. You can tour
the tracks at any speed that you wish and will have lots of slow company
doing so. Just enter the slower group. There are throphies for absolutely
stock/concours condition cars also. Any one can do the drag race---even FCs
and Ultra
  Lets show our support, We're making our own history.
Warren ... SNIP

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