<VV> Re: [fastvair] More endorsements - YOU DO NOT have to race, but it's fun!

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet@charter.net
Wed, 12 May 2004 20:58:43 -0400

Now if some of you are not sure and want to see what we do at NECC events
you can get a copy of the video tape from the Summit point NECC Racers
Reunion from last year. It has some good in car footage from Dan Giannotti
in the #3 tribute car. Also we have some photos on CD from the VIR gathering
in 2002.
The video is $12 and the CD is $8.
ps. I ran my Concours Senior Gold V8 Vair at both events. Too much fun!

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Almost - I missed the first one in Ohio, I believe. I can add an endorsement
for the NECC events, as if there haven't been enough. I have run a couple of
events at Lime Rock as well as the VIR and Putnam Park and others. If you
just a reliable street car, it will do fine for the events. CAN you break
Yes - but you could do that on the street as well. The benefit of running it
on the track is that it is a safe environment. And you have a bunch of other
Corvair guys around to help you if you do have a problem. And if you feel
intimidated by the track, there will usually be several experienced drivers
who will
take you around the track, even in your car, if you want, showing you the
lines. And, by some stretch of the imagination, if you have a car you would
to see raced, and want a competent driver to show you what your car can do?
There is always at least one person there ready to go!  - Seth Emerson