<VV> 69#5409 found

Hank Kaczmarek kaczmarek@charter.net
Wed, 12 May 2004 22:48:51 -0400

my friend and Vair Mechanic Eric found a 69 Monza 2dr DEEP in a piece of woods
this morning, along with a 65 or 66 500.
I could be wrong but I believe the number above is the one eric told me

The 69 doesn't look too bad, had a 110 emblem on the decklid but a 140 inside,
And is a straight drive--we figure a 4 spd as it is a Monza but you never

It is "Critter Season" in our part of NC, and seeing one snakeskin inside the
car, he was reluctant to get a closer look....All kinds of beasties feeling
their oats "out in the scrub"  so to speak.

Since Eric is broke, depending on a more lengthly examination and what the
owner is looking to get, I may have to give this one a more comfortable spot
to stay for awhile..... Dont know if there is a title, but last inspection
sticker was 1982.

Will give more details as they develop.....it is possible that if this one is
in restorable shape I may sell it to get more money to finish the EUM.