<VV> Grant adapter kit. P/N 3162

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Thu, 13 May 2004 01:29:49 EDT

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jmarton@us.ibm.com writes:

One Grant aftermarket steering wheel adapter kit.  Part number 3162.  Mount
that aftermarket steering wheel on your EM!  Does not work on my 66 Corsa.
Looking for $25.00 + FREE SHIPPING!  If no one wants it..... eBay it goes!

Jim Marton

66 Corsa 140/4
According to the Grant catalog, the 3162 fits the 67-69 Corvair and pots of 
other GM cars from 67-on. The Grant catalog lists the 60-63 Corvair as taking 
P/N 4161. Note - I am not saying the 3162 won't fit - I am just pointing out 
the catalog entry! Oh, and Jim, did you get one for your 66 okay? -Seth Emerson