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Some of the "parade quality" cars in our club are quite nice.  There is
concern about potential damage to the top material, the top bows, the seat
upholstery.  I'm only aware of one instance of damage.  A youngster (about 3
yrs of age) with dried mud on his feet was allowed by his mother to stand on
the rear seat with 18 month old Clark's upholstery.  A tootsie roll was also
mashed into the rear carpet on that same car - yeah, new carpet too.

We provide large pillows and/or thick foam rubber to boost the folks up high
on the rear seat so they can be seen by the parade watchers.

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Later, JR

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> Curious about your comment regarding not allowing riding on the boot.  I
> have offered my 64 up as a ride for Memorial Day, and had thought by
> blankets and a piece of plywood for protection that it might be OK.  This
> my first convertible, so interested in hearing your thoughts.  I gather
> the nature of your comment that this was probably something discussed in
> past on virtual vairs?  I am a recent subscriber. . . .
> Thanks for any words of wisdom you can provide
> Doug Foust
> Worthington, OH
> 64 monza convertible - daily driver