<VV> VV Spark plugs

corvairs lonwall@corvairunderground.com
Thu, 13 May 2004 10:40:26 -0700

Just changed our AC plugs in Linda's 67 last week after about 110,000 
miles. We run the Ignitor which probably accounts for most of that 


Dennis & Debbie Pleau wrote:

> IMHO you can't beat the Bosh 7502.  I've also run AC 44Fs for a lot of 
> miles with no problems.  One of the main benefits of the gas we get 
> today is plugs last for ever (50k miles), so you won't be changing 
> them all the time.  I actually bought some Bosh Platinum plugs which 
> I'm going to try, but others have not had great success with this 
> plug.  I'm running a Pertronics ignitor I and a Flame thrower coil so 
> I hope I can generate a big enough spark to light the mixture off.  
> They were also the only plug for a 70 super beetle AZ had last weekend.