<VV> VV Spark plugs

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau@earthlink.net
Wed, 12 May 2004 20:15:10 -0500

IMHO you can't beat the Bosh 7502.  I've also run AC 44Fs for a lot of 
miles with no problems.  One of the main benefits of the gas we get today 
is plugs last for ever (50k miles), so you won't be changing them all the 
time.  I actually bought some Bosh Platinum plugs which I'm going to try, 
but others have not had great success with this plug.  I'm running a 
Pertronics ignitor I and a Flame thrower coil so I hope I can generate a 
big enough spark to light the mixture off.  They were also the only plug 
for a 70 super beetle AZ had last weekend.


At 08:40 PM 5/12/2004, Richard  Loving wrote:
>In my opinion don't bother with the Splitfire or the multi-tip plugs, waste
>of money on the Corvair electrical system, use the Bosch 7502 or W8AC (same
>plug different part numbers due to naming change at Bosch)  Some people have
>good luck with the Bosch platinium's others have prob's with them fouling.
>I've ran the Nippon W16FSU, Autolite 275, and NKG B5HS over the years and
>ended up staying with Bosch regulars as my local FLAPS normally have them on
>I go in and ask for plugs for my "1970 VW beetle" (little white lie never
>hurts), and the ole Bosch's pop right up on the ole computer screen.
>Most of the younger ones will look you straight in the face and tell you
>they don't have plugs for a 1963 Corvair because their computer only goes
>back to 1967.
>Rick Loving