<VV> Need Reasonably Priced Body/Paint work in DC area

Mark mblasko@jps.net
Thu, 13 May 2004 14:01:08 -0700

Hi, I work with a friend with a auto repair/restore business and we often
use a local Miracle paint business to paint our cars.  We typically remove
all the trim and bumpers (to avoid cheesy masking jobs), "work" the shop to
do the body work to our liking, and PROVIDE the paint.  I would guess that
most Miracle/MAACO/etc shops can spray paint, they are just a little quick
in the prep and don't always use a good quality paint. I have yet to work
with them on a high end job like BC/CC paint, we typically go elsewhere.

We do try to limit the work to solid colors (ie no metallics) which many
have come out very nice.  My '66 Corsa 140 convertible has a 10 year old
Miracle paint job (white) that still looks great.  My '72 LeMans convertible
has a 3 year old Miracle paint job (3 years old, solid medium yellow) that
looks great.  Unfortunately these cars are typically stored outside but
always covered, and in northern CA we don't have much severe weather.  We do
typically pay between $1200-2500 for these jobs depending on how much body
work is needed.

So my advice is using a entry level painter:  remove all trim and bumpers
yourself, buy your own good quality paint, stop by frequently to "supervise"
the job (a six pack on a Friday or a little "tip$" to the body guys doesn't
hurt either....), stick with simple solid colors, if your are going BC/CC be
careful or look elsewhere.

These guys (for no charge...!!) will also paint/over spray your trim, tires,
interior, tops (these are things you probably don't want painted.......) so
plan accordingly during your restoration.  Purchase new rubbers (no jokes
please), fuzzies, moldings, etc and install yourself after paint.  Don't
detail your engine or trunk until after painting.

A little more work on your part, but a much better result using low cost
painters can look great and save your some money.

'66 Corsa 140 convertible

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> Suddenly find myself in need of some inexpensive body and paint work. Very
little (if any) welding actually required... mostly just straight daily
driver body work
> and paint. I'd _almost_ prep the cars (yes, I now have at least 4 needing
paint) myself and take them to MAACO... but I would prefer a little more
control over the
> materiels and process than that. I'm not looking for $5000-6000 paint
jobs... something closer to $1500-2000 would be a lot more what I have in
> Ideal would be a solo hobbiest that has low overhead and does it for fun
(and a bit of money).
> Off-list suggestions gratefully accepted!
> Thanks!!
> Bill Elliott
> Urbana, MD
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