<VV> Don't buy gas on May 19th, 2004

N. Joseph Potts pottsf@msn.com
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Government action will only make the situation worse. All government action.
Every time. Just like it did in the 70s. Just like it did for the Corvair.
     Now, this (above, and preceding) doesn't sound very much like a Corvair
topic, does it? Gasoline is - Corvairs burn gasoline when they're operated.
     But the PRICE of gasoline? And what to do about it (other than use less
of it)? And government action? And whether that will work?
     All right - if it IS a Corvair topic, I've got a LOT more to say about
it. Right here on VV, where I'm reading about it.

Joe Potts
Miami, Florida USA
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There is a better way. Don't buy gas from a couple of
the big companies. Like Mobile etc. I mean do not buy
there gas at all. never.
Or maybe write your Congressman. This is what my Congresswoman is going.
 Vair content the new Turbo only gets 15 to 18 mpg Ouch
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Dear Friend:

As we approach Memorial Day, many families across Oregon are preparing to go
on vacations to the coast or the mountains to enjoy some time together.

Unfortunately, average gas prices in Oregon have risen to $2.21 a gallon,
among the highest in the nation. And these high gas prices don't just affect
vacationers and commuters, but all aspects of our economy. Agriculture is an
energy intensive industry, and record prices like these can hurt area
farmers and
raise prices on groceries. High gas prices also increase the costs of
goods and services.

There are concerns that oil companies may have engaged in price manipulation
on the West Coast by using the exportation of domestic oil as a tool to
supply and artificially raise prices. The Alaskan North Slope was initially
opened at taxpayer expense to lessen U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Now
the export ban has been allowed to expire, companies are turning around and
selling that very same oil to foreign countries.

ConocoPhillips recently sold 800,000 barrels of Alaskan North Slope oil to a
Chinese petroleum company. With the current shortage of crude oil on the
Coast, this sale is unacceptable.

I've called for congressional hearings to look at how the export of domestic
oil is affecting American oil prices. I am also working to reinstitute the
export ban on North Slope oil that was in place until 1995 to ensure that
any oil
from Alaska's North Slope stays in the U.S. My legislation (H.R. 1797) would
help preclude oil companies from conspiring to control the market.

Price gouging is unacceptable. I'll continue to fight for affordable gas
prices for Oregonians.

To keep updated on my actions on this and other areas of concern, please
visit my website at http://www.house.gov/hooley and subscribe to my e-mail
newsletter, or call my Salem office toll free at 1-888-4HOOLEY to receive
e-mail updates. I look forward to hearing from you.


Darlene Hooley
Member of Congress
Oregon's Fifth District