<VV> time sert (no Corvair)

Charles Morgan charliemorgan@comcast.net
Sat, 15 May 2004 18:56:48 -0700

At 05:26 PM 5/15/04, John McMahon wrote:
>Got a little problem--stripped spark plug hole on my riding mower engine.
>14 mm, short reach (9mm? I'd have to check again).  Time Sert sounds like
>the way to go, but expensive.  Are there any places that do like Clarks and
>rent the tools for this operation?

John, Clark's rents the tools (C8614).  They also come up on Ebay every now 
and again at greatly reduced prices.  Most machine shops should be able to 
do Time Serts for you.

Charlie Morgan
Beaver State Corvairs