<VV> Hotel prices

Bill Hubbell Bill Hubbell" <whubbell@umich.edu
Sat, 15 May 2004 23:51:10 -0400

I need some quick feedback.  Considering CORSA national is out west next
year, how much interest might there be in a sanctioned regional in the east,
say maybe 1st weekend of May, say maybe Virginia Beach (3 blocks from the
ocean)?  OK, now while you are pondering that one, considering the location
and time, how much are people willing to pay for a hotel room at a nice
quality, name brand hotel with plenty of parking?  Please be reasonable with
the price, keeping in mind that the closer you get to the oceanfront,
generally the higher the cost.  Show would be a Friday-Sunday event.

OK, this is not purely hypothetical.  We are trying to plan next year's Vair
Fair, which Tidewater Corvair Club will be hosting, and I really need some
feedback.  Anyway, please post replies to me, preferably off list so as not
to clutter up the VV airwaves.


Bill Hubbell
TCC President
CORSA Eastern Director