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Sun, 16 May 2004 10:24:25 EDT

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I think the point is not slowing down differently, but not slowing down "at
all" by making small throttle adjustments far in advance of lights or
slowing traffic in order to flow right along when the traffic picks up
I agree with this 100%.

I have adjusted my driving habits exactly in this way.

I have a good test bed for this.

I drive 135 mile round trip between San Bernardino and Downtown LA to work 
each NIGHT.

I'm getting an average of 31 MPG in my 1996 Toyota Camry (EPA Rating 27-28 
MPG Hwy)

I find myself watching traffic as far ahead as possible now.

BTW - I paid $2.219 for 87 Octane at Costco yesterday and they are 
prediciting $3 a gallon
gas by summer (Memorial Day even) so it pays to do what you can.

A side note here....   The car has 128,000 miles on it and I run Mobil One 
oil if that matters.

Tim Abney
CORSA and I.E.C.C. Member
'65 Monza Coupe
'61 Lakewood
'62 700 Sedan (Gone to good home)