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Sun, 16 May 2004 14:34:56 EDT

    I guess I didn't make my point clearly.  What I practice is easing off 
the gas pedal to slow down well before I have to stop and NOT downshifting, 
which I agree, would probably use more gas than it would save besides placing 
undue wear on the clutch and trans synchronizers.  
    Gentle starts do NOT particularly save on gas compared to BRISK starts, 
provided that your BRISK start doesn't open the power valve in the carb(s).  
The sooner you get into high gear the better for your mileage.
    With modern fuel injected cars, lifting off the gas pedal at speeds above 
35 mph generally causes the fuel injectors to completely shut off, so while 
the car slows down to 35, you are getting infinite gas mileage.  When I do 
that, the instantaneous digital mileage meter on my Beretta goes to 99.9 mpg since 
it doesn't have an "infinity" symbol.  While the Corvair won't go to such 
extremes, it certainly will get much better mileage than by racing up to the 
stoplight and jamming on the brakes.  Many years ago when I lived in the center of 
NYC (called Manhattan Island) I could drive for many blocks southbound on 2nd 
Avenue IF I could keep my speed at 28 mph since the traffic lights were 
synchronized to consecutively turn green in front of you IF you kept that speed.  
If you went faster OR slower, you got stopped by the next light.
    So the secret is to anticipate traffic conditions far enough ahead so you 
can reduce your speed mostly by lifting off the gas pedal and only using the 
brakes at the end, if necessary.  Of course you can't do this if you tailgate 
the cars in front of you.
    Frank "frugal" Burkhard  

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I've seen that statement from Bob M before.  I cannot agree 100% with that.
Yes, probably an indicator, but not necessarily.

I (stick shift) can use less brake by always downshifting.  This is actually
a little foolish because brakes are easier and cheaper than clutches, BUT it
CAN be done.  Also, it possibly uses MORE gas by revving the engine higher
than it would be if the brakes only were used to stop.  It would have the
effect of making the brake shoes last longer, but THAT (in and of itself)
would NOT mean that I was a conservative user of gasoline.

Also, I would think that gentle STARTS would have a much greater effect on
mileage than gentle stops.

Someone who always has a heavy foot away from the light and downshifts to
stop could be using a LOT of gas, but not much brake.

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