<VV> Corsa coupe

Stephen Upham contactsmu@sbcglobal.net
Sun, 16 May 2004 21:14:35 -0500

If he is selling a Corsa coupe for $1000 in the condition that you  
describe, then he is a fool or you better look twice.  Go to  
www.serenska.com/idealgarage  and go to the link for  buying a Corvair.  
  That will help out a great deal with what to look for.  To see what it  
should be going for if it is in great condition, check out       
eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=2478350553&category=6167   Just copy  
and paste to the web browser.
Stephen Upham
Dallas, Texas

Mid prod. #187508 -1965 Monza sedan 110, Sierra Tan - Saddle, PG, A/C,  
original AM/FM, clock, tint, oil bath air filter, w/ 77K  (being  
overhauled to .030 due to the engine being sabotaged [long story] and  
I've put $3000 into the engine rebuild so far $1800 parts and $1200  
labor)  This is a car that was in good shape before the mischief (my  
dad was a Corvair mechanic and collector and this was his flagship car)  
   No rust, body damage, ect.
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