<VV> Anyone use a tow bar? Advice needed

AKG hdflstf@earthlink.net
Tue, 18 May 2004 20:22:34 -0400

I did that last year.  Flat towed my car o the convention, approx 1000
miles.  No problems at all.  Tows real nice.  I got most of the hardware,
tow bar cables lights, etc. at an RV dealer.  Found a bumper mount for a
Jeep Wrangler and welded some brackets on it that line up with the bumper
mounts on my car.  All I do is remove the bumper and bolt the mount onto the
car.  From there I attach the bar and my truck.  Will be going to the
convention in the same fashion...

The Artful Dodger

I'm tossing around the idea of using a tow bar to haul my 65 Corsa to track
events (since the trailer I borrow is "spoken for" the weekend of the NECC
BeaveRun event!), but I need to know what to look for since I never used
Any advice out there?  Brands, how to mount, etc.