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NicolCS@aol.com NicolCS@aol.com
Tue, 18 May 2004 20:40:37 EDT

I'd guess that I'm the perpretrator of all the Fiero/Corvair stuff, Dewey. I 
did the first one and through the miracle of time, it's already been printed 
in the Communique, Dec '99.  I have some pictures of it at: 

You will also find a picture of my "Milt Binion" 280Z EFI car.  It was 
written up in the August '87 Communique.  If you don't have the Dec '99 issue, I 
have the MS word draft available for e-mail.
Craig Nicol

<snip>: Fiero FI
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 16:28:01 -0500
Kevin M.: Thanks for the leads on FI for "other" 6 cyl engines --now-- if
you, or someone else , has actually done this on the Corvair and would write
a nice dissertation of "how to do it";like your 2 article examples, that
would be Great!  How about it---Any takers!!?? And put it in the
Communique------  Dewey<unsnip>