<VV> alumaloy and Muggy Weld

John McMahon jmac2112@adelphia.net
Wed, 19 May 2004 17:18:45 -0400

I do not have any experience with Alumaloy or with any other method of
repairing aluminum, but I have a friend who tells me that the stuff sold by
Muggy Weld really works as advertised.  The link is


I get the impression that these methods of repair are not true welding, but
are basically aluminum brazing.  I personally would feel comfortable using
them to repair a crack in an aluminum manifold, but not for something like
repairing a head that has dropped a seat.  I may be full of crap, though, so
let's hear from the experts!  :>)

John McMahon
1965 Monza coupe