<VV> Corsa Question

jryall@juno.com jryall@juno.com
Thu, 20 May 2004 13:08:25 -0400

Yes, all Corsas had the vacuum/pressure gauge in the dash and plumbed to
the engine.  If the car was a turbo, it should have a large cutout of the
body work for the exhaust on the right side under the bumper.

John Ryall
On Thu, 20 May 2004 06:49:43 -0700 "Jim Briggs" <jim_a_b3@hotmail.com>
> Hi all,
> I am currently working on 66 Corsa/215 Aluminum V8 project and  
> found 
> something I'm curious about.  This 66 was parked in 1970 in the CA 
> desert 
> area.  It came with a hoard of 140 NOS parts.
> (NO! they are not for sale!) The deck lid emblem is a 140. But the 
> dash has 
> a boost guage and it is plumbed all the way to the engine 
> compartment with 
> the "black" tubing.
> Did all Corsas come with the boost guage and the appropriate 
> plumbing?  Or 
> was this originally a turbo car?
> Thanks,
> Jim Briggs

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