<VV> Where to buy Corvair Basics

Guus de Haan corvair@europe.com
Sun, 23 May 2004 18:42:48 +0200

Op 22-mei-04 om 22:17 heeft Lauren C Mizel het volgende geschreven:

> I can't find a place to buy Corvair Basics on the CORSA web site...am I
> just missing it? Should I just purchase it through one of the vendors?
> Wouldn't CORSA get more of the revenue if they marketed the book 
> directly
> themselves?  I already have the '65 shop manual and the "How to Keep 
> Your
> Corvair Alive"...this mailing list has convinced me, though, that I 
> need
> to get the Basics too...


You can order it from Corsa but not yet online. It's on the merchandise 


Or you can indeed buy it from several vendors who have a website. I 
think the price is the same everywhere.


Guus de Haan
'65 Corsa Turbocharged Convertible
The Netherlands