<VV> Va Vair Fair

vairologist@juno.com vairologist@juno.com
Sun, 23 May 2004 21:28:34 -0400

Smitty says:  Got back from the Vair Fair a couple of hours ago.  Too
tired to do much but I have to get this post in the mail.  Chuck Sadek
the Boss Bohunk had told me that he would be at the Fair and we could
catch up on some "face to face" time.  We did meet and got a little jaw
time but he had to get back home so our visit was much too short.  That
night in leu of a banquet, interested parties met at a steak house.  As
we were waiting for our meals my wife poked me and said, "look at that". 
There was a really fine high speed type young woman standing at another
table with her back to us.  She was wearing a "T" shirt that had a big
picture of Spike (my racer) on the back and the name Spike under that.  I
said to myself, "what the heck is going on".  "Somebody is doing some
copywrite violation  stealing my car's picture and name for some kind of
advertisement".  So I hollered at the girl and when she came over all
giggley and smiling, I asked (demanded) to know where she got that shirt.
 She said some guy gave it to her.  I started asking all kinds of
questions about what guy, when, and were there any more around.  She just
kept laughing and saying that she saw the shirt and liked it so the guy
gave it to her.  Finally she said, "do you like it"?  "If you like it you
can have it.  So she crossed her arms in front and grabbed the hem of the
shirt and started peeling it off.  I saw about a foot of bare tummy
coming up and stopped her.  By now I was so flustered I didn't know if
she had anything else on under the shirt and really didn't want to find
out with my wife sitting there.  I still enjoy sleeping in my home.  She
convinced me she had a little short shirt on under it so she took it off
and gave it to me.  I'm kinda slow and it took me all that time to
realize I had been had and by whom.  I appreciate the shirt Chuck but you
owe me Big Time.