<VV> Removing lower Shrouds

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Subject: <VV> Removing lower Shrouds

> I was reading in the Corsa tech manual that by removing your lower shrouds
> during the summer you can lower your engine and oil temp considerably.  Is
> this something that is still advisable or are there ramifications to doing
> this?
Just some trivia, but dropping the lower shrouds dropped my stocker 66 turbo
temps down ( on the factory guage ) from low 400's to lower/mid 300's...
running Mobil1` and water injection unit .... this let me run cooler or stay
on the boost longer ....  maybe more often, rather ...
I would certainjly worry about excess wear if starting on cool days, I
believe most engine wear occurs when starting up the engine.... it's
possible tho that turbo engines won't live long enough to wear out (g)....
hope this helps ... ken campbell, iowuh.