<VV> Clutch Problems in my FC (Part 4) Engine out.

* Greenbrier Goon * greenbriergoon@hotmail.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 02:52:17 +0000

Hey everybody:

Well, I went ahead and removed the drivetrain from my 1963 FC today in my 
continuing search for a solution to the clutch problem.

What did I find?  Nothing.  Everthing looked right.  It has the correct flat 
flywheel, the correct flat-fingered pressure plate, a welded disc, the 
correct t/o bearing (1 5/16 like the Clarks catalog suggests)...I can't find 
anything wrong.  No oil on the disc or signs of anything rubbing on anything 
else.  Everything looks right.

The only thing I may have errored on when converting to the 4 speed was 
lubing the pilot bushing.  I simply installed it and rubbed a little oil 
into it rather than pressuring it in with my fingers.  Also, when I pulled 
the transmssion and diff away from the engine, the input shaft stayed 
attached to the pilot bushing.  I was able to easily pull it out.  It didn't 
seem stuck.

I suspect that the problem must be cable or linkage related unless it was 
the pilot bushing not being lubed enough.

I am not sure what to do.

Does anyone have details and pictures for converting to a hydraulic clutch?

By the way, there is no carpet or anything getting in the way of the pedal.  
Even the rubber mat is out of the van.


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