<VV> Correct Engine?

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Yup, YR is the correct turbo motor. And yes, all Spyder's were turbocharged.
The turbocharger is a compressor, driven by exhaust gas.
Chevy used this 'turbo' silliness in describing there engines, but had
nothing to do with turbocharging. Go figure.

Harry Yarnell
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> Greetings VairFans,
> I am a new owner in the beginnings of a restoration project, and need some
> info.
> I have a 1963 Spyder convertible I acquired last fall.  The first task I
> tackling is to find out what the car is really supposed to have.  I have
> the shop manuals, but it they don't tell me as much as I would like to
> know.  I have a couple of questions:
> 1.  Are all Spyders Turbocharged?  And besides, what does turbocharged
> mean? (do they all have a compressor?) The manual lists 4 type of engines
> for this car (Turbo Air, Super Turbo Air, Turbo Air(PG), and
> Turbocharged  - I think that's right)  And they have pretty radically
> different timing (24 deg. BTDC to 4 deg. BTDC)  The engine sputters, but
> won't quite start.  I would set the timing from scratch, but I don't want
> to set it wrong.
> Here's the info I have on the car:
> Vin:  3 0967 W 113452  ( I have this part figured out)
> Style:  09D 63-0967
> Trim: 1-781
> Acc:  E2CD3C
> Body:  WR 2265
> Paint:  900-5
> Engine: T09I9YR  (Whats the "R"?)
> Can anyone tell from the above if the engine has been changed?  It has a
> Spyder dash, horn and side emblems, but no flags on the engine cover
> and no turbocharger on the engine, just two single barrel carbs.
> TIA for the help
> Craig Eagleson
> cleagl@yahoo.com
> 1963 Monza Spyder Convertible
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