wagonwheels, was: <VV> Tired of tires?

Ron F Hinz ronh@owt.com
Tue, 25 May 2004 15:23:34 -0700

You won't get flamed from here!  There's no excuse for the ride you get from
50 section tires and the Corvair is no racing machine by a long shot.
There's no reason why it shouldn't have a decent ride, which it'll never
have with wannabe racer wheels and tires.  Of course, there are those who
don't care and are looking for any excuse to spend more money......

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> Oh heavens! Unless you are autocrossing, why would anyone want wheels
> larger than 15 inches? You can't get a section larger than 65, and even
> they are not as common as lesser sizes. Also, as the rim size goes up,
> so does the price. Then there's the log-wagon ride. My Cav has 16's with
> 55 section tires, and you can feel every tar strip in the road. When
> they wear out, it's getting 65's at the minimum! I call them
> wagonwheels, as in Conastoga. A rediculous fad if there ever was one.
> Just my opinion, and I'll no doubt get flamed to charcoal over it. But
> it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
> -Mark
> John Sconiers wrote:
> >
> > any body ever use even larger wheels (16" 17" 18")
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