wagonwheels, was: <VV> Tired of tires?

Bruce Schug bwschug@charter.net
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This thread reminds me of the old illustration Richard Finch used make, 
"I will start off on the subject of wheels and tires by saying that for 
practical purposes, the only wheel/tire combination for a Corvair 
automobile is a 175 x 13 Michelin on a stock steel wheel."

In the new eighth edition of this book, it reads, "185 x 13". You will 
remember how Finch went on and on about the evils of wide tires. Under 
"revised info" he now states that there are some "very interesting" 
fourteen-inch wheels and tires now available and that if you're careful 
you can buy some "really nice looking radial fourteen-inch tires that 
will work very well on a 1960 to 1969 Corvair car." Oh HORRERS! 

He goes on to recommend, "The best tire diameter for a Corvair with a 
3.55 ratio rear axle is 24.00" diameter..." He includes a very 
inaccurate table which shows 6,50-13's to be 24.00 D., and 7.00-13's 
24.75". Finch's misinformation abounds!

Have any of you seen a new seven-series BMW? Do you happen to know the 
diameter of their wheels and the sizes of tires they use? How about a 
new Chrysler 300C? Or a Cadillac XLR, or whatever that Corvette-based 
roadster is. Sixteen-inch wheels are essentially standard-issue on cars 
these days. True, they don't all use 50-series tires, but many do use 
larger wheels with lower (45) series tires.

It's 2004; wake up! Tire technology has come a long way in the past 
20-years when the radical new Corvette debuted with 16-inch wheels and 
255/50 Gatorbacks. With the proper springs and shocks a Corvair can be 
built that has superb road-holding while retaining a good ride.


On May 25, 2004, at 6:23 PM, Ron F Hinz wrote:

> You won't get flamed from here!  There's no excuse for the ride you 
> get from
> 50 section tires and the Corvair is no racing machine by a long shot.
> There's no reason why it shouldn't have a decent ride, which it'll 
> never
> have with wannabe racer wheels and tires.  Of course, there are those 
> who
> don't care and are looking for any excuse to spend more money......
> RonH
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>> Oh heavens! Unless you are autocrossing, why would anyone want wheels
>> larger than 15 inches? You can't get a section larger than 65, and 
>> even
>> they are not as common as lesser sizes. Also, as the rim size goes up,
>> so does the price. Then there's the log-wagon ride. My Cav has 16's 
>> with
>> 55 section tires, and you can feel every tar strip in the road. When
>> they wear out, it's getting 65's at the minimum! I call them
>> wagonwheels, as in Conastoga. A rediculous fad if there ever was one.
>> Just my opinion, and I'll no doubt get flamed to charcoal over it. But
>> it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
>> -Mark

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