<VV> Ignitor II Follow Up

Michael Cassera corsa@defiancestudios.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 01:48:21 -0700

> A message from Ken Hand suggests that installing the ignitor retards
> the timing by 10 degrees. Has anyone else seen this? What do you
> ignitor owners out there have your timing set to? Anyone with an
> ignitor and A/C? Does your vacuum advance rub your A/C belt?
> Thank you to everyone for all of your help, I think I am on the right
> track now!

I just recently installed an Ignitor on my 65 turbo and the timing dropped
from 24 to 16 degrees. So I can confirm that changing from points to the
Ignitor is going to retard your timing considerably.

65 Corsa Turbo