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Wed, 26 May 2004 09:12:37 EDT

Cooper Tire stills makes a 195-70/13 performance type tire in their "Cobra  
GT" line. Check out their web site.
The following tires are available in size 195/70R13
Type _Tire Size_ 
(http://www.coopertire.com/us/en/information/info-sidewall.asp#tiresize)  Service Desc. _UTQG_ 
(http://www.coopertire.com/us/en/information/info-sidewall.asp#utqg)  _Sidewall_ 
(http://www.coopertire.com/us/en/information/info-sidewall.asp)  Approved Rim Width Meas. Rim Width Section Width 
Overall Diameter Tread Width Max. Load Tread Depth 32nds  _Cobra  Radial G/T_ 
P195/70R13 88 T 440 A B  RWL 5.00 - 6.00 6.00 7.67 23.80  6.30 1246 10.5
Bill "Swamp Rat" Hadley
Baton Rouge, LA
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mark@noakes.com writes:

It's  probably true that 13 inch tires will eventually go away from the "on 
the  street"
tire vendors...though I would expect that you could still special  

There will always be specialty vendors like Coker Tire  that will continue to 
them...they reproduce many brands...but they  tend to be more expensive since 
they make
limited runs of  tires.


The real statement probably is that locally  available cheap sources of 13 
inch tires
probably will go away over the  next few years, and you will then have to go 
to the
vintage specialty  suppliers, but they will exist for many years to come.

Mark  Noakes