<VV> Ah ___K

chris czepyha thegeek2@juno.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 09:13:57 -0400

In removing stuff from the 63's engine bay I had the brilliant idea,
never a good sign, to take the generator out.

In doing so I broke the bolt on the battery side bracket off.   Right at
the head, so their is some of the bolt exposed. 
        Thinking of drilling it out.
        Notching it with a dremel so I can try the screwdriver method. 
Putting on penetrating oil, applying heat, praying and trying to
screwdriver it out.
        Anybody have a prefered method, and why.

Also place where the rear bolt connects on the pump side of the bracket
snapped off.  Any goops that will actually re-attach or am I going to be
trying to buy a new piece.

Thanks to all for their assistance.

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