<VV> Flywheel Rivet Replacement

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Thu, 27 May 2004 07:37:07 EDT

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lcm8044@yahoo.com writes:
I wanted to prove to myself that the rivets were loose, there is nothing that 
moves or that would visually note one or more being loose. While it was still 
bolted to the crank shaft I struck the flywheel with a small ball peen 
hammer. The result was a sound much like a tuning fork, that placing my hand on the 
flywheel did not stop. The sound was coming from the piece of metal sandwiched 
in the center. Then again, the sound may mean nothing, but the rivets are 
coming out, one broken snout is enough. The last step is trip to the local 
balance shop.
    You have not described any of the classic loose rivit stories. A broken 
snout only comes from one thing, hanging the engine on the input shaft while 
installing or removing the engine. 
    Also, it sounds like you have a good flywheel according to your 
    For an inexperienced person doing this the first time I would only 
attempt this with a good flywheel and only do 4 rivits at a time. That way you do 
not loose the center on the flywheel. If the face goes off center even by a 
1/32" you can balance the flywheel but the pressure plate will then be off center 
and out of balance also.
    You are close enough to Dale Mfg. to drive there to pick up a flywheel 
and his are guaranteed, Underground might be closer. You say you only want to do 
this once.
    Ken Hand