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Thu, 27 May 2004 09:29:24 -0400 (EDT)

Comments interspersed:
>>>1. in disassembling the front end, i found a curved piece of metal with mounting bolts on the bottom in the passenger side fender. is there supposed to be one on the drivers side too?

Sounds like the headlamp housing/horn shield.  Does it look kinda like the mastodon ribs the carhop drops on Fred Flintstone's car in the closing credits?  Without it, the horn(s) will fill up with mud very quickly.  DAMHIK.  Possibly a PO took one out to work in there but didn't bother putting it back.

>>>2. I need to replace some small pieces of the fenders and the front splash panel. What's everybodies take on using the fiberglass panels? I am somewhat concerned about replacing metal with fiberglass.

IMO you should be concerned.  Fiberglass is cheaper.  I'm no body expert, but I have heard that it doesn't last -- expansion/contraction rates are different, and cracks will appear sooner or later.

Michael Smith

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