<VV> Clutch Head Socket update

Keith Hammett khammett@stainlessfab.com
Thu, 27 May 2004 13:15:23 -0500

Update on the number of the snap-on socket.  Here is the e-mail that I
received from Snap-On.

Keith Hammett

Hello Keith. Thank you for contacting Snap-on tools. The F30($11.65) is in
stock, and can be ordered by contacting our customer service department at
1-877-762-7664. The reason it is not on the website is due to the stock
number is changing to F30E; which is a brand new number and not set up in
our system yet. Please include this entire email in any response. This will
allow us to reply in a timely manner to your request.
Thank you,

Wayne Vishneski
Midwest Regional Center
Ecommerce Customer Service
Snap-on Tools