<VV> PF25 Filters--Corv-8 owners !!!! advertisement

kaczmarek@charter.net kaczmarek@charter.net
Fri, 28 May 2004 14:20:54 +0000

Good Morning

I have a limited supply of long discontinued GM PF25 Oil filters available.

These are in Fleet Paks, which means no cardboard boxes, just the bare filters. I would recommend re-packaging in sealed plastic bags anyway. 

Those of you with Corv-8's or own older water pumpers with small blocks might like to have a few of these.

8.00 each plus shipping, or 4 for 30.00 plus shipping. 

Off list replies for those interested please.

I also have about 3 dozen PF4's, if anyone wants to buy them as singles for concours cars, let me know-- if not BUY THE WIX FILTERS SO THEY CONTINUE TO MAKE THEM!!!!!