<VV> Ignitor II Follow Up

Anil Mittal anil@anil.com
Fri, 28 May 2004 10:53:48 -0400

Got another update for anyone who is still interested ;-)

I checked to see what spark plug the rotor was pointing to at TDC and
found it to point to #6. I removed the distributor from the engine
and then reinstalled it so that it now pointed to #1. After starting
and timing by light the engine ran like crap, advancing it to 30+
degrees made it run very smooth. I eventually had to reclock the
spark plug wires in the distributor cap and then rotate the
distributor ~60 degrees so that I had engough room to advance the
timing to a point where the egine was happy. It looks to be advanced
about 40 degrees now. Keep in mind this is all still in the garage, I
have not taken it out in the street yet. I am afraid to :-( Thank you
again to everyone who helped me. I am going to some more
investigation this weekend.