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Russ Moorhouse corvair65@verizon.net
Fri, 28 May 2004 23:29:49 -0400


If  what you are asking is:  "Is there some way of telling if the engine in
your Corvair, the original engine for the car with that VIN"; then there is
no way of knowing for certain when both the VIN and the engine are of the
same year.  The only way to tell for certain is if the previous owner has
the original warranty book that came with the car when it was new.  It has a
metal tag on the inside back cover that has the VIN and engine ID for that
car stamped.  This is often referred to as the protecto-plate and you really
need this when you make the claim this car is original with matching

The whole Chevy line during this time period came with these warranty
book/plates.  Without out them you have no way of knowing from the VIN if
your V8 Chevy came with a 283 or a 327 or 396 etc.., since the VIN only
signified a 6 or an 8.  This is where you get conned when someone says it is
the original 409 engine.  Without this warranty plate you have no proof that
it is.

This plate is also embossed with the original owners name, date of purchase,
and  2 other groups of number which relate to the transmission, rear axle
serial numbers.  With this plate and all the numbers for the engine,
transmission, and axle matching those on the plate you can say the car is
original with all matching numbers.  Unfortunately, a matching number car
doesn't seem to add any value or mean much to Corvair collectors, as it
would if it were a Corvette and any other muscle cars of the 60's and 70's.

Russ Moorhouse
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Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 10:22:49 -0500
From: Lauren C Mizel <slmizel@juno.com>
Subject: <VV> matching engine number

Another question for the great minds of VV: Where can I get info on
decoding my car's ID tag/engine number?  I am trying to find out as much
as i can about the car, but the PO is, at this point, being a bit
unresponsive.  I know how to decode the VIN (10765W164166)...my engine
number is TI2I7RB (If I am reading it from the right place).  My ID tag
says 2331 Body and E-1 paint.  The bottom of the tag has W2LC4P -- ...I
know there is supposed to be another number somewhere on the drive
train...but I haven't jacked it up to try to find it yet.

I am debating stock restore vs. fun modifications...and would like to
know what I am dealing with.  I own the shop manual and How to Keep Your
Corvair Alive and have Corvair Basics and Care and Feeding of Your
Corvair on my next to buy book list (the second recommended to help me
with my upcoming clutch job)...do I need to add another book to the list
(IE, one with info that would help answer questions like above).  Thanks

Steve Mizel, St. Louis