<VV> CORSA literature collection for sale

PhilMcNear@aol.com PhilMcNear@aol.com
Sat, 29 May 2004 21:59:53 EDT

I came so close to completing it, but in the end I've decided to sell my 
complete run (minus the first preliminary newsletter) of CORSA publications that 
were mailed out to members. Included is a complete set of CORVANATICS 
newsletters, an issue of the CORVAIR COMMUNIQUE, and various miscellaneous items, 
including some sales brochures and owners manuals. I'm asking $1,000.00 for 
everything or I'm willing to trade toward a set of AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLIES.  I am 
contemplating bidding on a set currently on ebay, so if interested, please contact 
as soon as possible.

Phil McNear
65 Monza 110 convertible (also for sale)