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Bill Hubbell Bill Hubbell" <whubbell@umich.edu
Mon, 31 May 2004 09:21:44 -0400

To quote from the monthly posting for VV:

" - This is a Corvair list, try to keep posts to Corvairs, or at least
        about cars or air cooled engine technology, especially:
        - No politics, unless they have *explicit* Corvair or automotive

The fact that one mentions the word "corvair" in a post does not give them
carte blanche to go off an a political rant.  The post I complained about was
a blatant political post, with only passing reference to Corvairs.

On the other hand, I did invite the author to share his opinions on VV-Talk, a
list which was created for that purpose.

Bill Hubbell

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  8th word of above email is Corvair...   Thus there is as much content as
many other posts
  that NO ONE has said are not welcome.


  That's BITE ME in other words.

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